From £ 1200 per person
Half-Term Umrah February 2020
Sheikh Imdad Al-Madani
  • Swissotel Makkah , (5 nights)

  • Millennium Al Aqeeq , (4 nights)

  • London Heathrow , 45 persons

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From £ 850 per person
Al Aqsa Tour March 2020
Muhammed Mustafizur
  • Hashimi Hotel , (7 nights)

  • Manchester , 30 persons

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From £ 1345 per person
April 2020 Umrah Group Package
Said Hansol
  • Millennium Taibah , (4 nights)

  • HYATT REGENCY , (5 nights)

  • London Heathrow , 40 persons

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Umrah Groups

Traditionally, an Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage was a gathering of likeminded brothers and sisters. And while modern amenities may have taken a lot of the stress out of modern travel, there is no substitute for the shared experience of a pilgrimage led by a dedicated scholar.

Our groups are led by experts from across the UK with our team providing support and guidance throughout the experience. This degree of involvement means that we can hand-tailor your experience and make sure you have the right leader for your group.

This is why we are offering the Umrah group experience, inviting followers from across the country to join and travel together toshare the bond of travelling and the dedication to a higher purpose that only Umrah can provide.

What is an Umrah group?
Our Umrah group is a gathering of around 24-100 individuals led by a well-known scholar/ imam  or a experianced guide who will provide guidance and tutelage as we travel. These guided groups are advertised regularly throughout the year invite pilgrims to be a part of something bigger than themselves - a truly unique Umrah experience.

All you have to do is tell us about the type of tour you want to experience, and our team will get back in touch at your convenience to organise an itinerary that works for you and your group.

What are the advantages of being part of a group?
We put our groups together to cater for individuals or smaller groups that are keen to dedicate themselves to a pilgrimage but want to make sure that it is carried out in the right way. This means travel, transport, accommodation, and tutelageare all carried out perfectly.

Savings: Having a smaller dedicated pilgrimage group can sometimes prove to be prohibitively expensive. Joining our larger established pilgrimage group allows you to save on costs while also drawing benefits such as guided teaching, travel, and enjoying a custom schedule that ensures you will get the most of your experience.

Companionship: Umrah and Hajj offer a chance for solitary reflection, but also fellowship. For many, Islam provides solace from a busy and stressful modern life, and a trip with a like-minded group allows for shared experiences that you will remember for a lifetime together. Being led through the ancient, time-honoured steps of your pilgrimage alongside fellow believers is a singular experience.

Convenience: Our full itinerary removes the stress and strain of travelling as a smaller group, and minimises the responsibility for managing time and travel on what can be a prohibitive timescale. Led by our team, your schedule will be hand-crafted to the needs of your group and will provide the space and structure for you to safely carry out your pilgrimage and spend your energy focusing on the things that matter.

A Unique/authentic experience: Each group is led by a known, well-studied scholar/Imam or a experianced tour guide. Along with the physical act of worship, your pilgrimage offers a chance to challenge your own life and expectations. Being part of a group can help deepen that discussion and study, but being led by a scholar who can provide deeper meaning is invaluable – contextualising not only the importance of the scripture, but the historical significance of the landscape around you.