Taif Day Tour

  • Jeddah

  • Nights:8 Hours

From £ 65 per person

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  • Flower Farm Tour – home of the renowned Taif Rose
  • Abbas Mosque – house of the tomb of Abdullah bin Abbas
  • Al-Shareef Museum – historical and cultural museum
  • Fruit Market – a traditional market selling some of Taif’s unparallel harvest of produce

What you can expect?
Kick start your tour with a visit to a location that for three centuries, the Taif rose has been cultivated and processed into attar (perfume or essence) of roses and rose water. This trip to the flower farm will offer visitors the chance to see how the roses are grown, cared for and cultivated.
After that, visit the Abbas Mosque, which houses the tomb of Abdullah bin Abbas, the paternal cousin of the Prophet. He narrated 1,660 hadith and is generally viewed as the most knowledgeable of the Companions in Tafsir. He died in 68 AH in Taif, and this mosque is the burial site.
Then visit Al-Shareef historical museum to provide you with a cultural and historical experience that showcases artefacts and rare items which were uncovered from areas around the Hijaz region.
End your tour with a mouthwatering visit to the local fruit market that will provide visitors with an unforgettable visual and sensory experience where you will get to enjoy the unparalleled harvest of Taif’s produce.