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Makkah is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam. In its modern period, Makkah has seen tremendous expansion in size and infrastructure and has become one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the Muslim world.


  • Kiswah factory – visit to where the drapes of the Kabah are made
  • Museum of the two holy mosques – a treasure trove of items dating back hundreds of years
  • Hodaybia Mosque – a historic landmark where the Hodaybia Treaty was signed
  • Jurana – a mosque where pilgrims enter into the state of Ihram
  • Makkah Historical Tour – visit to a number of the holy sites situates in and around Makkah

What you can expect?

Begin your tour of Makkah by visiting the factory where the Kiswah (the fabric that drapes the Kabah) is made. The Kiswah of the Kabah is changed yearly on the 9th of Dhulhijjah, every Hijri year and those visiting the Kiswah Factory will be able to observe how the Kiswah is made and see the chosen men sew gold calligraphy into black silk fabric. The process of making the Kiswah takes approximately 8 to 10 months and once completed, the new Kiswah is handed over to the Masjid Al Haram officials.
After which visitors will be able to enjoy a visit to the exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques’ architecture and relics, at a museum nestled amid the hills of Makkah’s Umm Al-Joud area, which is considered to be a treasure trove of items dating back hundreds of years; a great place to learn about the past, present and future of the Two Holy Mosques.
A monumental location for Muslims, visit Hodaybia Mosque, placed in the historic location where the treaty between Quraish tribe of Makkah and the Muslims of Medina took place, which leads to the conquest of Makkah (630 AD) when Prophet Muhammad moved from Medina to Makkah.
Following which, visitors will be taken to see Masjid Jurana, which is one of the places where pilgrims enter into the state of Ihram for the performance of Umrah. In the year 8AH the Prophet camped there for a few days after the Battle of Hunayn and entered into the state of Ihram and then proceeded to Makkah.
Finally, spend the remainder of the day enjoying the Historical Tour of Makkah, where you will explore locations like Minah, Muzdalifa, Arafat Mountain, Thour Mountain, Al-Noor Mountain, and many other significant locations situated in and around Makkah.

Itinerary Details

Itinerary Schedule
Departure Point: Hotel in Makkah
Departure Time: 8 pm
Duration: 8 Hours
Return Details: Coach ride to remain with the guest for the duration of the tour, and will then drop all visitors back to the hotel after the tour ends



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Additional information: Children must be accompanied by adults at all times • Special dietary requirements to be communicated to tour operator in advance