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Considered to be the second-holiest city in Islam after Makkah, as Medina was the Prophet Muhammad's destination after his Hijrah from Mecca, and became the capital of a rapidly increasing Muslim Empire. Today, Madinah is considered to be a modern, multi-ethnic city that attracts religious visitors as well as works and scholars from all around the region.


  • Dar Al-Madinah (Kaaki) – a museum of Islamic heritage and culture
  • Hijaz Railway Museum – Built on the grounds of the restored Ottoman railway station
  • Qubaa Mosque – the first mosque built in Islam
  • Shuhadaa Uhoud – a historical location well known for its religious significance
  • Quran Printing Press – King Fahad Complex for the printing of the Holy Qur’an
  • Grave of Hamza – burial site of Hamza (Master of Martyrs)
  • The Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition – a glorified exhibition adjacent to Masjid Al-Nabawi
  • Date Farm (Arabian Night) Dinner – experience the traditional Arabic Hospitality

What you can expect?
Your tour will start with a visit to the KAAKI museum, which showcases the Islamic heritage and culture, as well as the city’s magnificent and substantial history since the Prophet’s first arrival in Al Madinah to the present day. With its stories and legends, sculptures and unique collections, the museum takes visitors on a first-hand journey of enlightenment of Al Madinah through the ages.
After that visitor will be taken to the railway museum that was opened in 2006, situated on the grounds of the restored historic Ottoman railway station at Medina, including a stretch of the historic track and a train shed including four original tracks. There are several engines and pieces of rolling stock on display, some of which have been transported to the museum from other places along the historic Hejaz railway line. At least one engine has been restored enough to be driveable on the museum tracks.
Then visitors will be taken to visit the first mosque built in Islam (Qubaa), and the first mosque built in the city of the Prophet. In terms of the significance, Quba Mosque is the first mosque built by the house of Muslims, located to the south of Madinah, the mosque was built by the Prophet Mohammed himself.

Shuhadaa Uhoud is a park area near Uhoud Mountain, where the guest gets to enjoy the scenic views as they marvel upon the historical significance of this location where the battle of Uhoud took place.
Visitors will then be taken on a tour of the King Fahad Complex where the printing of the Holy Qur’an takes place. The Complex was built in 1984; the establishment is a brilliant and great project that is meant for the service of the Noble Qur'an: preserving, printing and distributing it to Muslims all over the world.
Following which visitors will be taken to visit the burial site of Hamza, well known as the Master of the Martyrs, a site with a splendour of historical significance.
Then take a journey back to Masjid Al-Nabawi, where you will get to visit The Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition, a site located near the mosque, which boasts of many great exhibitions where visitors marvel at the greatness of Allah and his miraculous abilities in all his creations.
End the day with a visit to a private date farm, where guests get to purchase high-quality dates, experience the traditional Arabic hospitality and tour the grounds of the farm learning the process of harvesting and farming dates.