Jeddah City Day Tour

  • Jeddah

  • Nights:6 Hours

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Visit one of the most vibrant cities in the Hijaz region, situated on the coast of the Red Sea, Jeddah is considered to be a major urban centre and commercial hub of Western Saudi Arabia. The city offers visitors a glimpse of metropolitan living infused with cultural and historical heritage leading back to thousands of years.


  • Jeddah Historical downtown- visit the old town
  • Beit Nassif – a historical structure which was once home to one of the prominent Hijazi families
  • The floating Mosque - Aisha Mosque – offering a great view of the Red Sea
  • The Jeddah Corniche – Coastal ride along the shores of the Red Sea What you can expect

Start the day off with a visit to Jeddah’s historic downtown area (Al-Balad) which is the historical area well known as the "Old Town", where many of the oldest families used to live and work. It boasts of old buildings a traditional souk and many restaurants, where visitors get to walk amid the old streets and experience the traditional landscape of the old town.
While visiting Al-Balad, visitors will be taken to see Beit Nassif, one of the prominent renovated structures in the old city, which dates back to the mid-1800's. The five-storey building provides a rare opportunity for the visitors to experience the blend of traditional architecture with modernity.
After that, visitors will enjoy a ride along the Jeddah Corniche, the shore of the Red Sea, where the corniche features a coastal road, recreation areas, pavilions and large-scale civic sculptures for all to enjoy and take pictures.
End the tour by visiting The Floating Mosque, this single domed architectural marvel that sits literally on the sea symbolizes Jeddah’s bold storm into the modern age. Sitting on an enviable location, the mosque’s courtyard offers unencumbered views of the Red Sea, making it a popular tourist site.