Date: 28 Mar 2019

Umrah is a time of peace and reflection, but all travel to different countries has its risks. If you are unfortunate enough to experience issues during any part of your pilgrimage, here is our list detailing what you should know before leaving and what to do in the case of an emergency.

In advance of leaving

Before embarking on your Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage, it’s important to take time to prepare for your journey mentally as well as spiritually.

Make sure that each member of your group has full awareness of the below information if appropriate.

- Pilgrimage Travel Requirements: Make sure that you understand your full list of information including your key visa details (such as your duration of stay), your vaccination lists and the nature of you Hajj or Umrah permit.

- Tour Guide details: These will have been provided to you by your chosen provider and will cover your itinerary for your pilgrimage and points of contact for you as a pilgrim. This also includes your accommodation arrangements for your pilgrimage, which should have been made well in advance.

- Potential Health risks: Journeying to a foreign country will always carry risks of contracting local diseases. Make sure that you are informed about the dangers of drinking local water or steps to take to minimise contracting conditions such as MERS.

- Transport arrangements: It is strongly advised to book with a reputable travel agency, and most will provide transport. YaHajji offers [ EDIT WHEN SITE IS READY: personalised travel service in air-conditioned vehicles. If you need to confirm these arrangements before travelling, you can contact us from here]

- Safety plans for emergency: If travelling with a group, it is critical to make sure that you all share a plan to follow in case of emergency. This can be reinforced by making sure that you can contact each other

- Emergency Contacts: These are perhaps the critical of all. We have listed some below, these can be contacted through your chosen phone but it is recommended to have a fully charged backup in case of theft or loss of property.

These include:

British Consulate General Jeddah

British Consulate General
P.O. Box 393
21411 Jeddah
Saudi Arabia

Telephone+966 (0)12 622 5550

Fax+966 (0)12 622 6249

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday, 5am to 12pm (GMT)
Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm (Local)

British Embassy Riyadh

British Embassy 
PO Box 94351
11693 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

Telephone+966 (0) 11 4819 100

Fax information+966 (0) 11 481 9350

Fax defence+966 (0) 11 481 9235

Fax corporate services+966 (0) 11 481 9337

UKTI+966 (0) 11 481 9100

UKBA+966 (0) 11 481 9294

Consular+966 (0) 11 481 9229

Opening hours: 

Sunday to Thursday, 5am to 12pm (GMT) 
Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm (Local)

If you require emergency consular assistance, for example if someone in your group has been attacked or has died call +966 (0)12 622 5550. If you’re in the UK and worried about a British national in Saudi Arabia, call 020 7008 1500. And if you are affected by a crisis overseas you can contact: And of course you can fully review any and all of the government’s advice on travelling as part of your pilgrimage from here: