Date: 26 Apr 2019

Fully preparing for your travel can be challenging, and gathering information about what to expect is useful. Here is our list of online resources to help you prepare for your pilgrimage

Official Travel

When it comes to travel on your pilgrimage, being safe and prepared is paramount. Sites such as GOV.Uk are regularly updated by civil servants to give an up to date, detailed description of life in the area and key Umrah considerations.

Travel: GOV UK


Travel Advice from Others

Sourcing advice from other pilgrims that have undertaken their journey is also very helpful. This provides advice from all ages and walks of life, with two useful sites including:


Islamic Board:

If you’re looking to focus on the religious aspects of your trip, sites such as ‘Understanding Islam’ can also help you prepare. This can be through recommended reading and can help spark discussions that you can continue with your group. Sites such as ‘Islamic Relief’ are also fantastic for helping find ways you can be charitable during your pilgrimage. And also continue your work when you return from your pilgrimage and reflect.

Understanding Islam:

Islamic Relief:

Another useful site is TripAdvisor, which can be a great resource for finding stops as part of your pilgrimage to find food and picking up answers to problems:


Regular reliable articles


While Umrah is a trip, it is important to carry the spirit of Umrah home with you. Websites such as Muslim Matters provide regular updates on relevant articles. Well known online newspapers also provide relevant articles about Islam in the modern work for you to reflect on during your Umrah and discuss with pilgrims - Letting you carry out Umrah research and fully appreciate your pilgrimage.


Muslim Matters:

Huffington Post:


Personalised Umrah Advice

And, of course, we here at YaHajji are always more than happy to help with your inquiries including the arrangement of your accommodation, travel, transport or any specific needs that you may have.

If you have any questions, or want to arrange a time to call in – you can contact us directly and let us know exactly what you need.