Date: 14 Mar 2019

Modern travellers have a huge range of options when it comes to undertaking their Umrah pilgrimage. And for many, the chance to ‘beat the heat’ and undertake their journey in the more temperate months is often too good to pass up. So, what do you need to know when it comes to planning your trip and what should you be aware of when it comes to your safety and enjoyment?

Colder Weather

For those sensitive to heat, visiting Mecca when the temperatures are significantly milder is a tempting option.  However, it will still worth remembering that that you will still be experiencing days that will mean highs of 24 - 28 °C. And, due to Mecca's desert environment, temperatures are guaranteed to significantly fall at night. As with any trip, make sure that you check the forecast before you leave and that you pack equipment like umbrellas to protect you from showers, and layered clothes that will be breathable during the day and help keep you warm at night. 

Potential Flood Risks

Mecca is geographically in a low-lying area which makes the site very vulnerable to flooding, which can be very prevalent in the winter months. While events like flash floods are rarities, it is worth checking with your travel agent about the possibility of adverse conditions and weather. The years between 2009 – 2011 saw heavy flooding strike the city, with 2014 bringing severe flooding alongside heavy lightning strikes. On the other end of the spectrum, rapidly heating and cooling air can produce dust and sand-storms which can ripple through the city at a moment's notice.  While it can be difficult to predict, it is always best to be prepared and conduct your research in full before booking your holiday to ensure that it doesn't disrupt your pilgrimage. 

Cheaper Travel and Deals

The winter months are a period that will often see less interest from pilgrims undertaking the Umrah journey, which can make it a perfect time to snap up a deal for your group. This allows you more flexibility over the period, but it is always worth reviewing all packages in full to ensure that the change in date does not affect your accommodation or raise prices in other elements of your planning. But, no matter where you look, any travel provider worth their salt should be able to provide your group with a quality deal.