Date: 12 Mar 2019

Undertaking your Umrah journey can be intimidating for many travellers, with the biggest concern for many being the efficient navigating the famous King Abdul Aziz airport.

The site is notorious for delays even with eighteen travel gates and an average of seven-thousand staff specifically working to help travellers.

So, here is our guide to what your group can expect after disembarking from your flight

Initial Queuing

On disembarkation, you’ll be put distinct streamed queue for those undertaking their Umrah or Hajj pilgrimages. Depending on the volume, you may be in line or on hold of a long time. Use this to make sure you have your passports and visa close to hand and stick together as much as possible.


Once your group begins to file through security, you’ll want to remain together and not get lost. With the large number of crowds and need to keep moving, being separated is increasingly commonplace. As radios are banned, it can be helpful to keep in touch via your smartphones and - if you need a quick pick-me-up - There is an area with a food court and commercial area if you need to pick up any items after popping through.


Once out of the airport, you will then be able to travel to your accommodation. While you can take local taxis, you should always endeavour to check their credentials and make sure they are legitimate. Transport can and should be booked in advance with the company that sold your package. But if you need to get about quickly day-to-day, a useful is through relying online services such as Uber which now operate in the area.