Date: 07 Mar 2019

Undertaking Umrah is an amazing opportunity for all pilgrims, and you'll want to enjoy every experience that a trip to Mecca has to offer. But many travellers find it difficult to decide on what they should ask their guide about during their time with them.

So, here are some of the top questions to ask your guide about during your Umrah and Hajj journeys:

“How do I help take away stress?”

When it comes to planning your travel, it can be overwhelming to have to undertake your pilgrimage and then also organise your itinerary. A reliable Umrah guide will have been vetted by the company that arranged your booking and held numerous tours before. They will help you shape your Umrah experience and be sure to work around your group’s specific needs or unique requirements - letting you spend time on the parts of your trip that matter.

“Where should we go?”

Reliable and regular tours will know the areas inside out and exactly what you should look at. And while it’s easy to spot some of the most important locations, finding the time to place them in your schedule is difficult. And it’s all too easy to miss hidden gems like markets, cafes, out of the way mosques and breath-taking places of cultural significance. All of which can be reviewed in advance to make sure they are perfect for the needs of your group.

“Why is this important?”

While it can be amazing to read about locations before you leave, the best guides will have embodied knowledge about the local area and be able to draw it out. A well-prepared tour guide can make the history of Mecca come alive with detail about its founding, the key events in the life of the city, and how people living within its walls today live day-to-day.