Date: 05 Mar 2019

Properly preparing for your Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages can be a stressful and labour intensive – taking up valuable time that could be better spent mentally and spiritually preparing.

So, here’s a quick checklist to go through that can help you put your effort where it really matters.

Ihram: This should come complete with a belt that can be fastened across your midsection. The garment allows you to adhere to the state of Ihram while letting air circulate and protecting you against the heat and cold that you can encounter as part of your pilgrimage.

Carrying equipment: Wearing your Ihram and visiting the city for the first time can be an unusual experience for visitors used to such pared-down dress. Having a bag or pack that is reliable is an essential item – allowing you to hold important items, ID’s, and information about your tour company, guide, hotel and emergency contacts.

Guide book: Another essential is a guide that will help walk you through the process involved with Hajj and Umrah. While you may be familiar with your spiritual requirements, making sure that every legal and technical step is followed is hugely important. Familiarising yourself with this beforehand and having one with you to consult is absolutely key.

Accident and emergency: Due to the highly physical nature of your pilgrimage, having a proper emergency kit with you is vitally important. This should include plasters and bandages along with salves and antiseptics.

Water: Staying hydrated while conducting your pilgrimage is especially important. All tour guides will suggest exercising at least six months before your visit in order to help build stamina, but acclimatising to the environment can be difficult. Make sure that you have a durable bottle, ideally complete with a filtration system. It is strongly advised to only drink only bottled water and make sure that you check any water that is given to you as part of your pilgrimage

Smartphone and identification: Having a phone on-hand at all times is not only helpful but strongly recommended. If you prepare key apps beforehand, this can help mitigate any of the issues encountered while travelling. It can also help make communication easier and maintain unity with your group if you get cut-off from each other during your journey,