Date: 26 Feb 2019

Organising your Umrah pilgrimage can be an intimidating process. And, with a wealth of agents out there, finding the right one for your group can be difficult.

So here are some questions you can ask to help find an agent that will make your pilgrimage as effortless as possible.

Are they helpful?

Arranging your Umrah journey can be an arduous task, even amongst groups that divide responsibilities amongst their members. The best agents understand how problematic a task it can be and will actively work to ensure that all your needs are considered – refusing to offer a simple 'one size fits all' experience. Make sure you can easily contact them through email or phone, and that they are responsive to any issues or queries raised.

Are they Knowledgeable?

Umrah and Hajj are ancient and storied pilgrimages and there are a wealth of experiences you can easily miss on your short visit. Always make sure that the company you are booking with has a number of high-quality complimentary activities to undertake and is tied to an authentic authority on pilgrimages. Having a conversation with their guide before booking is also a great idea if possible and will help give scope to your journey.

Do they have a good background?

The internet allows you to conduct research and 'try before you buy'. Check that the company has a presence on social media and is verified by services like Feefo. Remember though, no company is ever perfect. Try to look at how quickly a company has responded to customer issues and how clients have responded and interacted with them on their pages.