Date: 14 Feb 2019

Younger Muslims are increasingly carrying out central pilgrimages like Hajj and Umrah thanks to advancements in travel and decreased transportation costs. But even the fittest pilgrim need to factor in some key considerations before committing to their journey. 

So, here’s our guide to some key questions that travellers should ask themselves before committing to completing their spiritual quest.

Are you ready to undertake a 'modern' Umrah?

While pilgrims of all ages can make use of modern technology, younger adherents are often perfectly place to make the most to reap the rewards of using their gadgets. This includes simple tricks like updating your phone with digital aids and apps [link] to help the completion of your pilgrimage. These communication and travel apps can take some of the risk out of travelling abroad.
However, it is worth remembering the value of putting your phone down while you are undertaking your pilgrimage. Although being separated from social media accounts and sports updates can be extremely inconvenient, pocketing your phone during Umrah can be a fantastic meditative exercise and bring you closer to the spirit of your Hajj. Take the time to ask how you can challenge yourself, but also utilise technology to make even the more practical parts of your Umrah a little easier to bear. Then, spend the time you save where it matters most. 

Are you familiar with the culture you are stepping into?

It is important to recognise that you are a guest in Mecca and adhering to the requirements of your pilgrimage are paramount. While you may want to remember the experience for years to come, don’t forget that there is an appropriate time to take selfies or behave in a certain way - especially when those around you may be more conservative or are trying to focus on their own pilgrimage. Ensure that you are aware of your religious as well as cultural responsibilities and always try your best to adhere to them.

Is the time right?

Many pilgrims believer that Hajj and Umrah are fundamentally for the young. Undertaking them introduces you to individuals from every nation, challenges you mentally and physically, and can be truly eye-opening to the power of your faith. However, it is important to honestly ask why you are undertaking your pilgrimage at this age and if you are financially and personally able to make the journey. If you feel the time is not right, it is often better to wait for the best moment in order to fully appreciate the fulfilling journey you will undertake.