Date: 24 Sep 2019

Places in Antalya:

1. Kaleici:  It a historic place in Antalya.The name Kaleiçi means "Inside the Kale" or "Inner Kale" (Kale itself means castle or fortress). It has architecture style of ottomans,romans,byzantine etc.Kaleici is an absolute delight to wander around. With a myriad of restaurants, shops and atmospheric cafes for you to choose from, there is a lot to see and do. There are also a number of lovely little art galleries for you to look and enjoy. The narrow streets have such amazing buildings as the 18th century Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque and the elegant Kesik Minaret, while life revolves around the picturesque main square. Visitors should not miss this place if they want to experience the intoxicating mix of contemporary and traditional Turkish life

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2. Duden Waterfalls: It is located around 12kms from the center of the city. Duden waterfalls is one the most visited place by visitors. It originates from the Taurus Mountains, the water runs through the karst countryside surrounding Antalya before entering  into the Mediterranean Sea at the Lower Duden Waterfalls. The upper waterfalls are a delightful spot for a picnic. One  can actually venture into a cave behind the waterfall, which is a mesmerizing experience as the water pours off the overhang of the cliff in front.

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3. Konyaalti Beach: This is one of the famos beach in in Antalya best for beach lovers. This fantastic pebble beach stretches for over 7 Kms and is a great spot to head to if you’re looking to sit back and relax in the sun.There are many cafes, snacks and restaurants near by to have exotic turkish food. One can try hands on jet skiing or visit the Aqualand waterpark that’s just a stone’s throw away.

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4. Aspendos: It is a located around 40 kilometers from Antalya the trip is certainly well worth making for the astonishing sight that greets you. It has one of the finest greeco-roman architectures.The undoubted highlight of this place is the marvelous theater that draws people from all around the world. Apart from this there are a number of other ruins for you to explore, such as those of a basilica, aqueduct, and agora. 

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5. Antalya Archeological Museum: It is one of Turkey's largest museums, located in Antalya. It includes 13 exhibition halls and an open air gallery. It covers an area of 7,000 m² and 5000 works of art are exhibited. History lovers will absolutely adore its extensive archaeological sections that feature stupendous mosaics, silver jewelry, and beautiful statues from Perge and Byzantium. It is definitely one place which should not be missed by tourists.

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