Date: 08 Jan 2019

Undertaking your Umrah is a milestone in anyone’s life. And one decision for many Pilgrims is whether they should take the time and outlay for a tour guide.

So here are some of the reasons we feel it invaluable to have a dedicated guide as part of your Umrah experience.

It truly takes away stress

When it comes to arranging the logistics of your travel, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the logistics of your pilgrimage. Reliable, vetted guides will have extensively run tours before and will be sure to work around your group’s schedule. They will be more than happy to contact you in advance to help ensure that all your needs are covered, and any special requirements are catered for.

They know amazing spots to see

Reliable and regular tours will know the areas you’re keen to visit inside out and know exactly what you should take in during your time with them. And while it’s easy to spot some of the most important locations, finding the time to place them in your schedule is difficult. And it’s all too easy to miss hidden gems like markets, cafes, out of the way mosques and breath-taking places of cultural significance.

Added culture and context

While it can be amazing to read about locations before you leave, the best guides will have embodied knowledge about the area and be able to draw it out. And while being able to talk about the history of a location may be amazing, underlining how caravans would have found it difficult to pass, the makeup of travellers passing through the cities, and the cultural changes that have been experienced. The best guides will also be fluent in the local language and be able to make the culture come alive.