Date: 27 Dec 2018

Modern pilgrims enjoy a wealth of technology that can help take the stress out of the most demanding elements of your Umrah and Hajj experiences. So, here are some our top suggestions for apps to download before boarding the plane to Jeddah.

Uber: When it comes to travel, many reliable travel companies can arrange private transport. But If you need to make a quick journey, using local cabs can be intimidating and potentially unsafe. Uber is now available in Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah and is fully vetted by the company – allowing you to travel in safety and style:

Muslim Pro: An invaluable apps that include lists of accurate prayer times, a copy of the Qu’ran with audio readings, and a compass to help point your way toward Mecca. Along with a selection of doas, and an editable calendar for daily use, this tool is invaluable for managing your pilgrimage on the move.

Google Translate: Now featuring over 100 different languages, Google Translate can help you quickly understand spoken and written text with a high degree of accuracy. And if you’re a non-native speaker, the app can translate signage, speech, from any required language to another. This makes it perfect for finding your way around Mecca and talking to other pilgrims.

Wolfram Sun Exposure: One for global travellers as well as those undertaking their pilgrimage, this app allows you to track your recommended rate of sun exposure throughout the day and can be fully modified by age and location. Entering your details into the map allows you to calculate your sun cream factor, maximum time in sun, and takes into consideration oncoming weather forecasts throughout your pilgrimage:

Learn Quran: A useful sister-app to Muslim Pro, Quran lets you recite with clarity, speed and increased assuredness. This small but powerful app is easy to add to your phone and lets you recite at a variety of levels and memorise key passages in the text. And, if you are more familiar with your recitation, you can work to master key areas and passages with commentary and additional teaching notes.

Family Locator GPS Tracker: Travel during your Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages can result in a press of people. It is easy to lose contact with your group or family. This app lets you track the selected members of your group – allowing you to privately see members of your group and track stolen or lost items. The app will also confirm when members arrive at destinations, helping you safely and effectively manage your trip.