Date: 25 Dec 2018

With 1.6 billion brothers and sisters throughout the world, Islam is a religion for individuals from all walks of life – even famous celebrities. So, here are some of our favourite stars that have undertaken their Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

Muhammed Ali: Born Cassius Clay, Ali took his famous name after having it bestowed upon him by Elijah Muhammed. Famously meeting Malcolm X, a leading member of the Black Power movement, Ali took to Islam’s message of independence and compassion. This helped form the backbone of his pursuit of equality – calling himself ‘free in mind and free in spirit’. Once he completed his pilgrimage in 1977 he noted that committing Hajj not only gave him an opportunity to achieve greater spiritual awareness, but encounter individuals of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds throughout the world.

Amir Khan: The famous light welterweight world champion undertook his Umrah pilgrimage in 2011, taking time from his busy career to fully commit to the experience - visiting during the time of Ramadan. Khan went with his family and has – to date -  been twice, once with his brother and mother and again with his father and sisters. He noted at the time it was ‘incredible seeing so many people from different backgrounds coming together.” But It was hard not to keep him engaging with his fans for long, posting a twitter picture of his shaved head and writing about the experience on his site to help spread awareness of his faith.

Yasiin Bey: As well known for his social activism as his amazing albums, Bay – or Mos Def as he used to be known – took his shahada at the age of 19 and, since then, Islam has been a huge part of his public, personal, and creative life. A writer, performer and actor – Bey has been famous for campaigning for inclusion. social justice and his faith - believing that “You’re either devoted to your job, or to your desires. So, the best way to spend your life is to try to be devoted to prayer, to Allah.” Undertaking his Umrah in 2014 he took time to reflect on his personal blog that Umrah teaches not only reflection, but purpose.