Date: 30 Apr 2019

For hundreds of years, Umrah was a long-planned trip, involving months of organization and a huge financial commitment.

But today we are blessed with a range of great technology that can help make your Umrah easier, safer and even more memorable.

Here are just a few of the technological advances that you can expect to see soon…

Digital ID

Many pilgrims find it stressful to carry their passport or drivers license around with them during the busier Umrah seasons. Unfortunately, the risk of theft is still high, and the risk of losing something is even higher.

So it will come as good news to learn that the Saudi government is rolling out new digital IDs for pilgrims, which can be used for everything from getting through airport customs, to boarding trains, and booking hotel rooms. 

Translation apps

Umrah is a truly international experience where you can meet pilgrims from all over the world, gathered together for one shared purpose. But for many of those pilgrims, communication will be impossible with anyone who speaks another language. Furthermore, many Muslims find it challenging to speak and read Arabic while they are performing Umrah. Thankfully, translation software is getting better by the day, and there is a multitude of apps which can help you to understand and make yourself understood.

Earpiece and smartwatch

As part of its plan to modernize Umrah by 2030, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced plans to provide every pilgrim with their own earpiece and electronic watch. The earpiece features a direct translation tool which can feed translated information directly into your ear. The watch notifies pilgrims when they perform a tawaaf, and it will even recite prayers. These devices are all linked to your smartphone, so you can help keep track of your family members and your belongings.

These developments ensure that technology will soon be a key part of the Umrah journey, helping pilgrims to make the most out of their journeys for hundreds of years to come.