Date: 21 May 2019

If you are travelling from anywhere in Europe, dealing with Saudi Arabia’s dry heat can be a shock to system. Many pilgrims have keen memories of stepping from their flight only to be met by a wall of heat, that can often be much more than they bargained for.

So, how can you help prepare for the Saudi’s climate, and what are some simple tricks to help deal with the challenge it represents?

1. Travel in the off season

The simplest way to address the climate is not to deal with it in the first place. Umrah differs from Hajj in that it can be undertaken at any time of the year or at any point in a pilgrim’s life. Choosing a date that is in the winter months can help avoid some of the more punishing middle eastern weather and secure an affordable, quality Umrah package. This can easily be booked in advance using our dynamic umrah tool and help take the stress out of managing your schedule.

2. Take time to acclimatise

If you want to be truly prepared, taking some time to give your group a chance to get used to the weather can be a great trick to avoid grappling with the heat. This can be managed with your booking and give an extra couple of days to take part in a local heritage tour or simply soak up the atmosphere of the surrounding area. Our team will be more than happy to provide guidance about local sights to visit and ensure that your Umrah is undertaken with the minimum of stress and strain.

3. Prepare, prepare, prepare

For many travellers, the climate only truly becomes an issue when they are forced to move around in it. This can make committing your pilgrimage extremely difficult, as many pilgrims that have already carried out their Hajj will know. Ensuring that you are not only fit and healthy but travelling with water, sun cream and proper protection will prevent dehydration, burns, and the chafing that can make even the most temperate day intolerable.

4. Plan for your group

Remember that dealing with the heat can be difficult for different members of your group. Young pilgrims can truly suffer under the heat and extra care should be taken to avoid conditions like dehydration or sunstroke, which can strike suddenly or in situations where helping or escorting them from the area can be truly challenging. Older pilgrims can also be similarly affected, making it essential to have an honest discussion amongst yourselves and take steps to pace your pilgrimage to make sure that no brother or sister is left out.