Date: 14 May 2019

Travelling with your brothers and sisters for your Umrah pilgrimage can be an intimidating responsibility. Even if you have undertaken Hajj before, ensuring that you support your close friends and family can leave you worrying, even from the moment you’ve booked your Umrah package.

Here are four simple steps to help contribute and truly help your brothers and sisters enjoy their pilgrimage. Starting with-

1. By Being prepared

Making sure that you are ready to help is the greatest benefit you can bring to your group. This can be as simple as bringing a pack that contains a first aid-kit, checking the itinerary with your guide, or asking if you can be of assistance. Taking the time to commit yourself to a spirit of charity can pay dividends throughout the day and be truly present for an unforgettable Umrah experience.

2. Through Helping Others

The spirit of Umrah is in community, something that is not to sole preserve of your group. With tens of thousands of pilgrims attending every year, asking others outside of your group who need assistance can completely change another person’s pilgrimage. This can be as simple as providing a  bottle of water to someone affected by the heat, a wheelchair for someone who is struggling, or guidance for someone who has been separated from their group. This also extends to yourself. Do not feel the need to keep injury or illness quiet and let your group know as soon as possible. This can help ensure you get the treatment you need and prevent your group’s pilgrimage being derailed if your condition worsens and the emergency services have to intervene.

3. Actively Speaking Out

Sadly, every year, pilgrims find themselves injured – or worse – by accidents during the Umrah and Hajj rituals. After the fact, it is often revealed that many of these could have been avoided if the individual had simply said something or a nearby pilgrim had spoken out on their behalf. If you see another brother or sister in distress, make sure to draw your group’s attention to it and come to their aid, whether it is someone who seems disorientated, a lost child, or someone who has fallen in the crush of the crowd.

4. Using your gifts

If you possess a unique talent that may be useful to your group or others, apply it. If you are able to speak Arabic, dialect, or other languages fluently; you can help interpret on your group’s behalf – letting you learn more form the experience or help if guidance or clarification is needed. If you are stronger or healthier than others, this is a perfect chance to help with the physical burdens that others in your group carry. And if you are more familiar with the finer teachings of the Qur’an, it can be a great chance to share your knowledge.