Date: 18 Dec 2018

You will be challenged: If you are not used to the climate, the pilgrimage can be difficult to complete and navigate. Try to ensure that you are all able to communicate effectively and handle the inevitable stresses and strains that are part of this memorable event. A good idea would be to arrange a trip together beforehand to make sure you are happy with carrying out Umrah together and help deepen your appreciation for the pilgrimage, or re-bond with your family members and take time to think on your oncoming journey

You will be separated: This is almost inevitable in the rush and press of Umrah. Try to make sure you are able to stay in touch and understand where to go in case someone wanders off. Technology and apps can be extremely useful in setting meeting points and arranging trips through Uber to arrive at set meeting points. If your group contains small children or individuals with specific travel and transport needs, make sure that this is factored into your planning.

You can help each other: Teamwork is key to fully completing your pilgrimage. Designate a task or responsibility to each member and – perhaps most importantly - ask each member of the group to read into a specific element of the history of the pilgrimage. This can be great way to have stimulating conversation with each other and with pilgrims you may meet along the way. Make sure you know the rules of Ihram and some of the history of the sites you visit – enjoy the historic as well as the spiritual for the special pilgrimage and enjoy sharing the experience together.

You will have to be co-ordinated: When it comes to arranging travel and transport, you will have to be especially co-ordinated as arranging connecting flights, taxis etc for one is much easier than for one individual. Luckily, many Umrah packages include a guide to help take you from event to event and transport.