Date: 27 Nov 2018

A visit to Mecca will leave all pilgrims with a sense of fulfilment and hunger for the spiritual life ahead of them. But for those at home, a celebratory reminder of your journey and taste of the middle east is nice too.

So, here is our guide for the four essentials you should consider bringing home with you.


When it comes to evoking the flavours of the middle east, it’s hard to a food more perfect than ripe Saudi dates. Packed with sugar, and commonly used as a binding and flavouring agent in many local foods, any time spent in Mecca will leave you familiar with their taste and smell. When it comes to picking out the right dates, you’ll want to ensure that you buy them from a reliable merchant, and always sample one or two before you take them home. For further advice, check out our article on finding the ideal date for anyone.

Zamzam water

The gift every Pilgrim should try to return with, Zamzam is an easy way to bring the true essence of Umrah home to loved ones. Extracted on-site, pilgrims can pick it up directly from wells or talk to travel agents to get tips on where best to pick it up at the end of the day. Of course, it’s highly important to ensure that the water is bottled from a reputable source. And, it’s worth checking regulations on what you are currently able to bring back from your travels as detailed in our previous article available here.

Ta’if Perfumes

For those looking for a truly special gift, the nearby city of Ta’if is the ideal place to visit to see a florid oasis. Home to rows of stunning rose-fields, these flowers are expertly processed to create sensational perfumes - sourced by designers world-wide. Or, if you can’t make the trip, the perfumes can be picked up in the area’s wealth of chain-stores and malls.

Gifts from a Souk

Stopping at a Souk for the experience alone is absolutely worth it. From here you'll be able to find any number of incredible authentic gifts. These range from thobes, carpets, prayer-mats, and even quality abayas. Though if your group is savvy they can come away with a genuine bargain.

However, make sure you check out our article on what you can and cannot bring back from Mecca with you. And, if in doubt, don’t forget you can contact our travel agents for the latest advice on what you can and cannot bring.