Date: 02 May 2019

When it comes to securing the currency for your holiday, it can be truly difficult to find a deal that truly works for you. With the pound fluctuating and other currencies not faring much better, it can seem incredibly challenging to find a solid deal.

So, here are our top tips to make your money go further as part of your Halal holidays, no matter where you’re going...

Make sure you have cash to hand

It is a universal truth that when you disembark in a new country, you will realise you’ve forgotten to pick up some of the local currency for little essentials like buses, cabs, water, or magazines for your kids. Always remind yourself to grab some local currency before going to the airport – ideally in the smallest bills possible. Having this converted before you leave will greatly improve the chance of securing a solid commission rate and save energy that can be sapped by a gruelling flight.

Avoid Currency Conversions

Want to save on conversion charges – why not forego them completely? Using platforms like PayPal or WePay can let you avoid card charges and take advantage of modern Epos systems’ ability to take a number of payment types. Alternatively, many credit and debit cards are accepted throughout the world through contactless payments. Unfortunately, this can lead to you being charged with live currency conversion rates against every transaction. This can be offset by withdrawing large sums of money in one go but should only truly be used in emergencies or as a last resort.

Shop around

If you’re looking for a reliable, convenient deal, take the time to visit your Post Office before leaving on your holidays. These are commonly safe bets to secure truly competitive exchange rates – charging 0% on all exchanges. If you aren’t planning on spending that much, it’s worth pooling your money with your fellow travellers and taking advantage of the best exchange rate – saving you from the effort of repeat trips. If visiting your local PO isn’t viable, major supermarket chains such as Marks & Spencer or Tesco will often enjoy quality offers on conversions at the last minute.

Make it up elsewhere

If you’re looking for a little extra cash for your holiday, saving money elsewhere can free up some additional funds to pay for food, travel, and accommodation. Finding package deals with sites can help you save significantly. Alternatively, seeking out offers and time limited deals can help you secure the cheapest flights on the market every time - allowing you yo save when you truly need it most.