Date: 30 May 2019

This week saw the much-anticipated launch of the Saudi Ministry’s long anticipated “Enriching Hajj and Umrah Experience” initiative. This sees the ministry and its team commit to incentivise Umrah and Hajj visiting numbers to 30 million pilgrims annually – letting more families, groups, and friends undertake the amazing experience together.

But how do they plan to do it, and how could you potentially benefit?

What does this involve?

Spearheaded by Dr Muhammad Saleh Bin Taher Benten, the initiative aims to research the habit so pilgrims and make meaningful changes to the Umrah experience to make it more accessible to all. For the team, this means reviewing a number of distinct ‘touchpoints’ for visitors entering Makkah and comprehensive review of infrastructure, civil planning, and taking part in an extensive outreach program to help gather more information about pilgrim’s specific wants and needs. This includes surveying tens of thousands of pilgrims from cities across the world and taking note of the challenges they faced in completing their pilgrimage.

This decision feeds into the ministry’s plan for a new e-visa that makes travelling to the kingdom and committing your pilgrimage easier than ever before. This allows pilgrims to manage their travel with greater efficiency and access a wealth of comprehensive online learning resources from their computer, phone, or smart device – inarguably deepening their breadth of knowledge and appreciation for the experience they are going to undertake.

How does this help you?

These improvements make it much easier for visiting pilgrims to complete their Umrah and Hajj journeys and lay the groundwork for our generation’s children, and their children’s children, to complete they journey in peace and fellowship.

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