Date: 12 Dec 2019

The believers of Islam are put through to pilgrimages to the holy city of Mecca. Islamic pilgrimages are rituals where the main motive is to gather Muslims across the world and promote brotherhood and sisterhood. There are two pilgrimages, out of which one is mandatory for every Muslim to perform, that is Hajj and the other one is Umrah, that isn’t mandatory but holds huge rewards.

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Umrah is a form of sacred event that involves great endeavors of believers to get closer to Allah (SWT) SWT, seek his mercy and forgiveness and deepen their faiths.It is a pilgrimage to Mecca that can be performed at any time of year. But mostly muslims prefer to perform it during the month of Ramadan. As said by Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam)  "Perform umrah in the month of ramadan, (as it is equivalent to hajj or hajj with me (in reward).It  is often called “minor Hajj”. Actually, a pilgrim needs to perform Umrah before starting the rituals for Hajj.

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Umrah is preferred to be a Sunnah and a pilgrimage that holds huge rewards and value. It is is a way to purify the soul and mind, cleanses the soul of the believer from all the negative effects and revives the Imaan of the believer. Umrah has the significance of cleansing the sins of the believers between the present Umrah and another Umrah. Our beloved Prophet S.A.W performed Umrah twice in his lifetime. A lot of Muslims tend to perform this pilgrimage once in a lifetime but it is something that all Muslims must strive to complete multiple times in their life. It Allah (SWT) SWT promises to utter forgiveness for those who perform Umrah with strong intentions of seeking forgiveness and mercy and holds a pure heart with love and kindness for others. 

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All the rites of Umrah are performed mainly in Mecca and visiting Medina isn’t a mandatory rite during Umrah. But the grace and merits of our beloved Prophet’s city, his mosque and tombs are something that attracts the pilgrims to Medina as well.

Umrah in 2020:

Planning  for Umrah 2020? Looking for a Cheap Umrah Packages? Don’t know how to find the right Cheap Umrah Packages? To choose the right Cheap Umrah Package, you should be aware of where to start. Following these steps will help you to make the right decision.

While planning the sacred tour, the matter of utmost importance is the way you can reach to Makkah and Madinah. It is a matter that should be resolved firsthand. Muslims living in Muslim countries don’t face mush resistance regarding their Umrah spree but for the ones living in Europe or the UK surely get to choose a path that can lead them straight to the Saudi Kingdom, without being hassled by any travelling matter.

Many pilgrims who have plan for Umrah have a misconception regarding Umrah booking is that you can only perform Umrah while having an Umrah package by your side which is not true. Many of them  try to do the whole processing of umrah visa, flight booking accommodation etc by themselves. Few others are in dilemma as to whether to go with a Cheap Umrah Packages or just do stuffs themselves. But ultimately to book your Umrah visa one has to visit  an agent because you will not be granted access into the Saudi Kingdom without the involvement of an authentic Umrah Agent. Usually these agents force you to buy the whole Cheap Umrah Package and if not then they will try to make you to buy tickets from them at least. Buying tickets from agents is not a bad choice because they will fare almost same as you will find their prices online. Though the Ministry off Hajj & Umrah states that there is no fee on getting visa but still you will be charged in one way or another. After all that, your form will be dropped and picked up by the agent. Then you have to work on your passport by making sure that it is not expired. If it is, work on it and get it done. After passport, it is now time to gain the vaccination or medical certificate. The meningitis shots can be done by any authentic pharmacy, clinic or hospital. After getting all the papers, give them to your travel agent. Next is to book accommodation which is a tedious job as you have to contact the hotels which you find on internet and enquire with details and then confirm with booking. But there will not surity of services which can be risky for the pilgrims.

Cheap Umrah Packages are there to facilitate the pilgrims with best services and provide great comfort so that they complete their umrah peacefully. Going to perform Umrah without a Cheap Umrah Package is  little difficult because you have to take care of all the matters on your own. From accommodation to transportation, you have to do all the traveling stuff on your own. All you need is Umrah visa and vaccination certificate. If you are going to plan your Umrah all by yourself then booking your flight ticket and accommodation beforehand is recommended. Going without a Cheap Umrah Packages is a little difficult. For instance, usually a 5 star Cheap Umrah Package costs around £ 1000 but by choosing a Cheap Umrah packages for the job can save up a lot of time and is risk free.

While searching for the ideal Cheap Umrah Packages, consider the facilities, quality of services, read reviews, and find out the credibility of the Travel Agent through ratings and word of mouth. Make sure they are providing all the needs if there is a case of any emergency on their Umrah pilgrimage. Most important of these would be doing your technical research on the agent. Find out if they have affiliations with the committees in Saudi Arabia like with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the back record of services offered, experts or not?, their social media connections, etc. These are bound to help you settle for the Cheap Umrah Package that will meet your every requirement during the holy journey. Once you finalized your Umrah package, confirm your itinerary first and ask for an E-ticket on your email, but before asking for an E-ticket, Agent might ask you to clear the ticket fee as you always pay some upfront to hold your flights. Always ask the estimated time for your visa and when is the best time to send them your passports to get the visa in plenty of time. Sending passport before a month of travelling date should result in getting the visa in time.

For the Muslims living in the UK, though there are not many options, still they can choose a reliable travel company whom they can trust well. For the people searching for such a company Yahajji, is the answer to your call. Yahajji has group of professionals who are working to deliver nothing but best service to help you get the best deal Cheap Umrah Packages. To make your Umrah super congenial, we offer Cheap Umrah Packages from UK that are designed right in accordance to your needs, budget and requirements.

In your quest for the Cheap Umrah Package, we shall enlighten you about what must be the important points to consider. By default, every Umrah tours and travel agent will provide Umrah visa, accommodation, transport. Every package will contain the all that is necessary for complete satisfaction of the pilgrim. Depending on the level of assistance you desire, you can choose the Cheap Umrah Package.

You can directly book online using the website or try to book a package over the phone with a live agent to help you a better understanding of what you are paying and give you more details about the different Cheap Umrah Packages. Look out for the Cheap Umrah Packages 2020 deals and also Umrah Packages that offers more discounts. There are a variety of packages such as 5 Star Umrah package, February Cheap Umrah Package,4 star Umrah Package and VIP Umrah Package. Now you know how to choose an Umrah trip for the blessing of Allah. May Allah forgive us for all our sins.  Ameen!