Date: 17 Sep 2019

Umrah is a memorable journey a muslim undertakes in his life.Umrah has great importance in Islam also it is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Umrah being a minor pilgrimage can be performed at any time of the year and also multiple times.But before taking up this journey every one faces numerous questions as to how to choose the Best Umrah Packages. Here are the few crucial tips that can help every muslim in choosing best Umrah Packages.

5 Crucial Tips For Choosing Best Umrah Package


  1. First and foremest is finding the best travel agency that can help in your Umrah Tour. Many travel agents offer different Umrah packages to facilitate their customers. Most people find these Umrah packages very attractive because these packages help them to travel with ease.
  2. Before choosing any travel agency you need to check the authenticity of the travel umrah packages                                                                                        Check if it is affiliated with the Ministry of Hajj of Saudi Arabia Kingdom. We recommend to investigate about the reputation of the organization and agent before choosing any Umrah package.   
  3.  Once you finish with the research regarding Umrah agency credibility,Try to know the services provided in each package.Generally the entire package comprises of 
    • Visa processing
    • Air fare
    • Transportation while in Saudi Arabia
    • Facilitation by the travel agency
    • Visit to historical sites in Makkah and Madinah
    • Tour Guide
  4. You can further start looking for  Best Umrah Packages the agency provides according to services in it.Choose the best which suits you within your budget and time duration. There are different travel packages from most comfortable (but expensive) to very economical ones (cheaper in rates).
  5. Now the question arises which is best among all the Umrah packages ? If you are planning an Umrah on low budget, then the cheap Umrah packages are designed to make things easy and within your reach at affordable prices but with lesser luxurious facilities of food, travelling and hotel stay.For any reason, if you want to perform Umrah in the great security of a group then group Umrah packages is better. If finances and money is not all your concern and you want to perform your with most comfortable facilities then VIP Umrah packages are designed to cater for your needs . These packages comprise of a stay in 4 - 5 Star hotels in Saudi Arabia, quality food and luxurious travelling.


Choosing from one of these Umrah packages from the best travel agency you can make most of your Umrah, since you do not have to waste lot of time in making reservations and worrying about food or any other administrative arrangements. Your travel agency would take care of all these aspects.                                                                                                                  

All you have to do during your Umrah is to indulge yourself in IBADAH. So with no worries you can peacefully perfom your Umrah and all the rewards from it.


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