Date: 04 Apr 2019

The time before your Umrah travel should ideally be spent reflecting on the importance of your journey.

This is rarely the case.

 A such an important event always comes with stress and the need to ensure that everything is ‘right’. Planning in advance can help you keep your worries to a minimum and allow you the time and space to feel excited about the memories you are about to make.

So, here are four simple ways to take the stress out of your Umrah experience.

Starting with-

Conducting Research

Make some time a few nights a week to research useful sites and guides. While this may be difficult to justify, twenty minutes a night for a week or so can save untold hours of last-minute stress. Apart from our own selection of blogs [ PLEASE ADD LINK ] there are a wealth of sites available online that can help give guidance. These include great sites like Muslim Matters, Muslim Travel Girl, Travel Health Pro, and even conventional travel sites like TripAdvisor.

The more you know, the better prepared you will be to face the challenges of your pilgrimage.

Understand your Budget

Any travel is expensive, and it is vitally important that you set a budget and adhere to it. Using a budgeting app can help make sure that costs do not spiral and you don’t find yourself in a situation where you are pressured to make ends meet. Any good travel agent will provide a package that works within your available budget. And, if you currently don’t have the resources to make your trip work, it’s always better to put together a plan and take the time to save rather than rush in and finish your pilgrimage with debts.

Listen to Others

Every Umrah group is different and will face challenges that are unique to them. This can be due to people being older, less confident about their ability to travel, or those with specific dietary or medical needs. Take the time to consult with your fellow believers that have undertaken an Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage before and seek their guidance and tips. This can be a great chance to build your practical learning and allow close friends and family to relive treasured memories…

Use modern technology

YaHajji was founded under two principles, to make travel as effortless as possible and to use technology to make the booking process as efficient as possible. Using our dynamic booking tool can help your group secure the best possible deal for your travel and book without having to pay anything up front. We would also recommend checking out our recent blog on Umrah apps to see how adding a few programs to your smart device can help streamline your Umrah experience.